In business for more than 50 years, ABC Distributing has provided a diverse collection of merchandise to customers across the country. In addition to serving clients through catalogs and a website, ABC Distributing participates in charitable activities throughout the year. To combat hunger, the company regularly donates food and conducts food drives for organizations in its local Illinois community.

One in six Americans consistently experiences hunger, according to the nonprofit Feeding America. That includes one in five children as well.

When considering the situations of Americans who experience food insecurity, it is notable that going without food does not equal poverty. Unemployment stands as a better indicator of food insecurity.

Within the past several years, a number of states’ residents have experienced food insecurity levels higher than the national average. These include Texas, Florida, Arkansas, California, and Mississippi, which is the state with the highest percentage nationwide. The national average remains 14.4 percent, and nearly one-fifth of Mississippi’s population currently faces food insecurity.

In 2010, nearly 50 million Americans lived in food-insecure households. Such individuals have increasingly come to rely on the support of food banks and other similar organizations. When professionals participate in workplace charitable events, they can help begin to address the issue of hunger.

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